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Karen Gottlieb received her technicians license in 1994.  She is a member of the Lyon & Healy/Salvi Harp Technicians Guild.  Members of the Guild are trained and authorized to work on Lyon & Healy and Salvi instruments.


For information on the 'Lyon & Healy and Salvi' Harp Technicians Guild:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ​  


Contact Email for Karen Gottlieb:

Harp Maintenance/Regulations & Appraisal

Appraisals are available for 'Insurance Replacement Values' and the sale or purchase of used harps.

What is a Regulation?
Just as your car needs a tune up and oil change every 5,000 miles, a regulation is the general maintenance of your harp on a regular basis that includes a thorough inspection of your harp, a change of pedal and slot felts, oiling, adjustments of pedal rods and discs for intonation and noise control. It can also include replacement of basic parts as needed.

A standard regulation** includes:

  • Inspection of the base

  • Pedal levers

  • Springs

  • Greasing

  • Checking pedal rods and connections

  • Adjusting rod length/overmotion

  • Changing pedal and slot felt

  • Adjustment of string/disc positioning

  • Noise control

  • Calibrate the intonation of intervals

  • Overall inspection of body, frame, neck, column, and mechanism


**A full service REGULATION performed by a Lyon & Healy certified harp technician is $360-$425. (It does NOT include restringing, changing            wires, parts or strings). Wire strings can be changed at the time of regulation for $60. (Strings not included)  

     For more info and costs, see following page under Regulation Preparation/Cost Info


     Warranty Regulations: normally done about 1 year after the purchase of a new harp.  The cost for this service will be covered by either

     Lyon & Healy Harps or Salvi Harps.  The warranty regulation must be requested in advance.

Additional services are available.

     Restringing of a pedal harp = $250.  I will need to have the harp for 3-5 days in order to do a complete service of restringing and a regulation.   

     Bow Brand strings can be provided at standard cost.  Please request in advance.  

When your harp is regulated by a Lyon & Healy certified harp technician:

  • A detailed history of the service performed on your harp will be recorded

  • Your warranty terms will remain intact, and

  • If your harp requires additional service or repair, Lyon & Healy Harps guarantees its work. 

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