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Regulation Appointment Preparation


Some things to consider before your appointment for a regulation:


  • String condition: Look at the harp strings closely. Where the discs or levers engage the strings, the strings often become worn; esp. nylon strings can be pitted or grooved. If you plan to completely restring your own harp or strings are worn, frayed or dirty, change them at least one to two weeks before the regulation which will allow them to settle and hold pitch.  For the best regulation, it is recommended to change the 1st & 2nd octaves and esp. if they are worn or more than two years old.  Aged strings can become "false", a condition where the string cannot vibrate in tune properly thus leading to a bad sound. Often, the idea that the harp needs regulation may come from the string itself, not the regulation settings.  Regulation or control of a false string is basically impossible.

  • Important: Bring your extra strings to the appointment.   

  • Make a list of any problems or concerns with your harp - mechanical, structural or any undesired noises-buzzes and clicks.  

  • Prices     

      Pedal Harp Regulation in my SF studio: $360 (includes replacement of all pedal & slot felts)

      ​Pedal Harp Regulation when traveling: $425 (includes replacement of all pedal & slot felts) 

      Lever Harp Regulation: $225 (or $250 when traveling)

      Pedal Rod tubing assembly lubrication: $180

      Replace screw-on pedal caps: $45 (includes caps)

      Other Repairs: $150 for 1st hour and $100 per hour there after, pro-rated

      Warranty Regulation Travel related costs $85

  • House call surcharge:  $100 minimum.  More, depending on driving time to and fro.  


  • Wire Strings: Wire strings can be replaced during the regulation process. The fee for wire string installation is $75. Please make it known when requesting service.  I will also need to know if you are providing the wire strings or if would like me to provide them at cost plus shipping charges.


  • Complete Restringing: If you would like your harp completely restrung, the instrument will need to be left with me for four to five days. The service cost for a complete restringing is $250. Upon request, I can provide a complete set of Bow Brand Strings. The client will be billed cost plus shipping fees.  

  • Individual string changes will be billed at $5 each or $6 for 5th oct & wire strings.  

  • Lever harp: complete restringing: $190


  • Tuning: Please see that the harp is holding tune before the regulation appointment. It is helpful to tune the harp the day of the appointment.


  • A standard regulation is about three hours. Scheduled drop-off and pick-up times are flexible upon prior agreement.                             


  • Payment & Fees 2024:  Payment in full** is required at time of service or pickup 

         Cash or  Check- please make payable to Karen Gottlieb. 

  ​       VENMO:  @Karen-Gottlieb-7    

         ZELLE:   415-244-1764

​         Credit card = Square.  A service fee of @3% will be added.  ​

         **A 10% surcharge (or $25 minimum fee) will be added for late payments made after 2 weeks. 



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